CGA Hole-In-One and Promotions has been providing coverage for hole-in-ones, sporting events, and various promotions since 1992. Over the last 17 years, CGA has paid millions of dollars in prizes. We have increased participation and sponsor awareness for thousands of clients nationwide.


What Does CGA Offer?

CGA provides coverage, which allows sponsors to offer the opportunity to win larger prizes for only a small portion of the prize value. We cover prizes up to 2 million dollars. The promotions offered are unique and most can be customized for your organization. Our services include:

  • Customized hole-in-one tournaments
  • Sporting promotions, such as field goal kicks, half court shots, grand slams and more
  • Promotions, such as The Magic Number Safe, Direct Mail, Dice Rolls, and more


How Can CGA Help You?

With CGA, our motto is “You Play, We Pay.” Your organization can offer bigger prizes and promotions for the same, or less, money than you may have spent elsewhere. The benefits to your organization include:

  • Larger prizes to offer for a fraction of the price
  • A guarantee to be cost competitive and offer comparable packages
  • Free shipping on all materials contracted within the necessary time frame
  • Fast, friendly, and superior service
  • Most Importantly: Increased sales, participation, and sponsor awareness


How Does It Work?

Hole In One Coverage:

Contact CGA with the following:

  • Prize value
  • Number of golfers
  • Yardage of hole for grand prize

When purchasing coverage, CGA Hole-In-One assumes the risk on the prizes for a nominal fee.  If there is a winner, CGA will write the check for the grand prize.  CGA’s rates start as low as $100.