Baseball Promotions

Baseball Promotions

Baseball promotions are successful in building support for the home team and recognition for your organization. If your desire is to build traffic, increase ticket sales and generate publicity, call CGA and ask about our baseball promotions. Involve a lucky spectator or put your money on the performance of your home team.

Strikeout Payout: Contestants are allowed six attempts to throw a baseball through a template from the pitcher’s mound. If the contestant throws three strikes prior to throwing four balls, he/she wins the prize.

Perfect Pitch: You think you’re as good as major league pitchers? Between innings or after a game, randomly select a fan to throw a baseball through a target set up at home plate. If the contestant can throw the ball through the template, he/she wins!

At the Plate: Here’s a great way to make fans feel part of the game. A fan is selected to throw a ball from the outfield towards home plate. If the fan can throw the ball perfectly through the target, (either on one bounce or on the fly) he/she wins the prize!

Grand Slam: Charities and/or fans WIN when one of your team’s players hits a Grand Slam. Fans may register at select locations. A player from your chosen team will be selected prior to start of promotion; if that player hits a grand slam during your promotion dates, the fan and you WIN!

No Hitter: Do you have an ace pitcher on your favorite team? A no hitter promotion would add some excitement to the game and make you and a fan a lucky winner. Fans may register at select locations. If the chosen pitcher pitches a “no hitter”, in any of the designated games you insured, you and the fan WIN!

Triple Play: Pick your favorite team to attempt and turn a triple play. Fans may register at select locations. If your team turns a triple play in any of the designated games you insure, the fan and you WIN!

Text 2 Win: Consumers are asked to text in to receive a random prize value and game outcome or special event occurence. For example, “A grand slam occuring during the Inning 3”. If the event occurs, one lucky fan wins the grand prize.

Hit for the Cycle: Hit for the cycle gives a lucky fan a run for their money when a home team player hits a single, double, triple and a home run in the same game.

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