Hockey Promotions

Put your competition on ice with CGA’s hockey promotions. For pennies on the dollar, CGA assumes the risk so you can offer the excitement of big cash payouts! Distinguish your team or club with a promotion backed by CGA Hole-In-One and Promotions.

Puck Shot: Randomly selected fans are given a chance to shoot the puck through a template located in front of the goal. Sponsor must choose which hockey shot they wish to insure. If the puck passes completely through the template, they win!

Connect For Cash: This is the hockey version of connect the dots. To win, the contestant must attempt to shoot the puck from the face-off dot at one end of the ice, to the face-off dot at the opposite end. If the puck stops inside the face-off dot, and connects the dots, the fan wins!

Fast Finish: This promotion dares a fan to make 15 goals out of 20 attempts in 20 seconds. A goal equals excitement for everyone!

Ice Putting: The contestant braves the ice in an attempt to putt a golf ball through the target. A classic that equals excitement every time.

Slap Shot: The contestant has three attempts from center ice. Two shots through the target equals the grand prize!

Hit the Post: The contestant attempts to hit two of the posts out of two attempts. A post hit equals a winner!

Stanley Cup: Increase patron excitement while increasing business by offering hockey fans a chance to win during the Stanley Cup playoffs. Choose your favorite to win the playoffs and offer cash prizes to be won if that team accomplishes certain feats during playoff games. On game nights, patrons will register to win as they enter the venue. If your team accomplishes any of the following, a patron’s name is drawn to win the prize value assigned to that feat. (Must be 18 to enter and present to win).

  • Your team scores in the 1st minute.
  • Your team scores in the last minute of the game to tie or win (not including over time)
  • Your team has a shutout
  • Your team’s goalie scores a goal
  • A member of your team scores a hat trick
  • Your team scores shorthanded

Prize values can be customized to fit your budget. Run the promotion during the playoff series to encourage your patrons to return night after night. With CGA taking the risk you can enjoy the winnings as much as your patrons will.

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