CGA Hole-In-One and Promotions offers Lacrosse promotions to create excitement, generate publicity, and develop effective sponsorship opportunities at all levels. From East coast to West coast, $10,000 to $1,000,000, a Grand Prize contest offering is a guaranteed winner!


Open Net Contest  

Randomly selected contestant from the crowd tests their Lacrosse skills by attempting to make 4 out of 5 shots from midfield (50 yards).  Make 4 out of 5 and walk away with the grand prize paid by CGA Hole-In-One and Promotions.


How it works:

  • Select a grand prize value. Advertise the chance to win big in your Lacrosse Contest!
  • Randomly select your contestant(s) and give them the chance to throw it through the target opening and win your prize.
  • When your lucky contestant makes 4 out of 5, they win the prize and CGA Hole-In-One and Promotions writes the check.
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